Your Medium For Starting Webpage Multimedia !

Some Operation tips Jtmedium

1. Sounds
Because of bandwidth problems of the net,
Use small sound clips. Huge ones may sound great but take longer to
start playing.

2. Images
a. Convert your pictures to jpg. They are smaller and could load faster. Get more information about bandwith Here
b. The applet will resize your images on the fly, to fit the applet or
for best viewing size, (or both) while maintaining the images proportion. However if possible resize your image to a smaller one so it loads faster.

c. Get a graphics program Here
d. Put the smallest image first in the list of myimagelist parameter.

3. A common mistake is to forget the last > on a line ! eg
<PARAM NAME = longloop VALUE=""
That will mess up all the parameters below that line pretty good !

4.For more information and tips Jtmedium ,
click here:

5.Advanced features in Jtmedium :
- Plays unlimited number of sound clips. (mysonglist)
- Cycles thru unlimited number of images. (myimagelist)
- Labels at top of applet can be disabled. (No flashing names of sound clips)
- Label at bottom of applet can be disabled. Giving you more space for the
images. Images appear larger and show better resolution.
- The interval between random sounds can be set by you, giving unique
effects that include clip overlap and continuity. Current version is 2.1

6. Resources used :
- All images used here are public domain images obtaines from these fine
- places:
Public Domain Images
Aaron's Graphics Archive
- Microsoft Music Producer
- Good source for graphic file managers: graphic file managers
- Good source for audio applications: audio applications

Installing Installation
Parameters Parameters

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