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Your Medium For Starting Webpage Multimedia !

Rated Top 5% WebApplet by JARS Some files used here are On-line. So crank up your internet connection,
reload this page and stay On-line while you surf these pages.
If the servers are being serviced you may not get the midi files.
If you are using Internet Explorer, be patient while the browser installs
some extras (Active-X components for midi music.(2 parts))

What it does:

	JtMedium plays sound clips on your homepage. There are
2 kinds of clips that JtMedium does. One is the background continuous loop
and the others are a series of shorter clips that are played at random  at
a specified interval.
	It also dipslays your images  in sync with the 
random short clips mentioned above.
	JtMedium also flashes a series of text messages that
are stored in a file specified by you and kept in the same  directory
as your HTML file.
 Jtmedium is FREE. You are free to use it on your homePage. 

Examples :

Simple background loop
Same as above but with Random clips
Same as above but with images showing
Same as above but with messages read from file
Example with midi file instead of a background loop.
Example with long background loop.
Installing Installation Parameters Parameters Operation tips Operation tips

Jtmedium , JtMax
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