Your Medium For Starting Webpage Multimedia !

Files You need to use Jtmedium:

1. jtmedium.class This is the main class file. Does the drawing routines.
2. jtmdh.class This is the helper thread. Does the modem and files.
3. Your html file of course.

Examples :

On most of the pages, the code that runs the applet on that page is provided. Basic operation needs the following code to appear in your html file prefferably somewhere between these 2 tags <body> and </body>.

<applet code="jtmedium.class" width=500 height=300>
<PARAM NAME = introloop value="">

Change to the name of your introloop.
All 3 files should be in the same directory for optimum perfomance.
Note: If you unzip the file with a 16 bit version of pkunzip, you will
need to rename the file jtmedi~1.cla to jtmedium.class and to rename
the file jtmdh.cla to jtmdh.class before using the applet.
Keep all the files names in lower-case. You'll definitely need to upload
the images and sounds files too!

Parameters Parameters
Operation tips Operation tips

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