ManasTech XButton 1.0
An Applet for creating a Link Button.

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This applet is Freeware. No fee may be charged for its distribution.
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Use it for displaying plain text,

Click here --> Java-Incompatible Browser

Java-Incompatible Browser

Or for swapping images on MouseOver - No code required.

This is a simple applet to use on your site as a Button - An Extended Button, XButton !


Details about Applet Parameters:

Text: The actual text displayed on the Button.
URL: Destination URL of the link.
x: X-Position of text on the Button.
y: Y-Position of text on the Button.
FontFace: Font face of the Text.
FontSize: Font Size of the Text.
Sound-On: Location of Sound File (*.au) to play on MouseOver.
Sound-Clk: Location of Sound File (*.au) to play on MouseClick.
Img-Off: Location of Normal Background Image.
Img-On: Location of Background Image on MouseOver.
Txt-Off: Color of Normal Text. (Hex)
Txt-On: Color of Text on MouseOver. (Hex)
Bkg-Off: Color of Background when Normal. (MouseOut) (Hex)
Bkg-On: Color of Background on MouseOver. (Hex)


(c) 1999, ManasTech.
Unauthorised duplication of this code is prohibited.